AnimatLab Community

We would like for AnimatLab to become widely used in the neuromechanical and biomimetic robotics simulation communities. To help this we have added several sections to the website to let others participate and share what they have learned using AnimatLab.  Below is a list of the resources we have provided on the site for doing sharing with others.


1. AnimatLab Forum
  Users can post questions and problems they encounter while using AnimatLab or while trying to get their simulations to do what they want. Other users and developers can then respond to try and answer their questions.
2. Wiki
  Extend the website by adding your own pages. Is there something that you feel really needs to be documented better, or added to the site? If so then you can add it here to share with others.
3. Animat Warehouse
  The warehouse is a place where you can share your simulations, videos, and documents related to AnimatLab with the rest of the world. Do you have a really cool model you want to make available for others to use, then just add it to the warehouse.
4. Page Comments
  Every page on the site has a section at the bottom where you can add your own comments. This section is moderated, so please only leave relevant comments.