Select Items by Type

The Select By Type command gives you the ability to select objects in AnimtLab based on what type of object they are. For example, you can select all neurons and not links, or all random neurons and no others, or only electrical synapses. In the biomechanical editor you can select all joints, or all spheres. When you hit the command button for this features, , its dialog provides a drop down list that shows not only the types for all objects in that area, but also all of the parent types as well. Say you have some boxes, cones, hinges, and spheres in the body you are building. You can select all members of each of these types individually, or you can choose RigidBody to select all the body parts but not the joints. This feature gives you the ability to easily select large numbers of similar objects so they can be changed at the same time.

Figure 1. Select By Type Dialog.