Relabel Selected

Watch the video tutorial on this subject!

The relabel feature gives you a general mechanism for changing the name of items in AnimatLab. Sometimes though you will want to rename some selected parts and have them numbered. For example, having body parts labeled A1, A2, A3, A4, etc. You can do this by hand, but to make this process more efficient AnimatLab provides functionality to automate this procedure. This is done using the Relabel Selected command. You should first select only the neurons or body parts that you want to rename. Then hit the toolbar button for this command, , to open the dialog box shown in figure 1. You will need to specify a name and somewhere in the name you must include "%NUM%". When the system applies the new names to the selected items it will replace this substring with the number for this item. you can also set the number to begin with and the value to increment by when counting. These changes are applied when you hit the ok button.

Figure 1. Relabel Selected Dialog.