Software Developer Kit Tutorials

1. SDK Basics. (24 MB, 24 Minutes)
Goes over how to install the SDK, what libraries are included and what they do, and gives a brief overview of the class structure.
2. Neural Module. (100 MB, 1 Hour 15 Minutes)
Shows you how to use the AnimatWizard application to create new plug-in module projects in visual studio, and then demonstrates how to build a basic neural plug-in module that is similar to the firing rate neural model.
3. Physics Module. (97 MB, 1 Hour 16 Minutes)
Shows the user how to add a new distance sensor body part, a new muscle model, and a new custom stimulus.
4. Program Modules. (44 MB, 36 Minutes)
Demonstrates how to build a new program module that allows you to automate AnimatLab programatically. This ability is used to vary a parameter and save out a series of simulation files. The files are then run in the background by the SimRunner application to produce a series of data files. The data files are imported into Matlab and analyzed.
4. AnimatLab Scripting. (30 MB, 23 Minutes)
Demonstrates how to use the AnimatLab scripting system. The scripting system is used by third part tools to modify parameters in an AnimatLab model and create stand-alone simulation files. One example where this could be useful is that it would allow an external application to perform optimization or sensitivity analysis on a model.