Stimuli Description

Stimuli can be applied to a number of different objects in AnimatLab. Each object knows what type of stimuli that can be applied to it and will only provide you with those for options when adding stimuli. For example, you can only add current stimuli to neurons, and only force stimuli to rigid bodies. To add a stimulus you need to select the desired object and then hit the Add Stimulus button, , on the toolbar. Alternately, once the item is selected you could right-click to display the pop-up menu and then select the Add Stimulus item. Either way, This will open the Add Stimulus Dialog. Only the stimuli that can be added to this object will be available. Choose the one you want and a new stimulus will be added to the list in the project workspace, and you can configure the properties for the new stimulus in the properties toolbar.

The following is a list of the currently available stimuli.


Neural Stimuli

Tonic Current
Applies a tonic current stimulus to a neuron.
Repetitive Current
Applies a current stimulus that alternates between an on and off states for a given amount of time.
Burst Current
A current is applied in bursts. A burst alternates on and off for a given duration of time. Within the burst the current toggles on and off with a fixed duration.
Inverse Muscle Dynamics Current
This is used to simulate gamma motor co-activation used during locomotion. It uses predicted movements and the inverse muscle dynamics equations to calculate a current stimulus that will allow a stretch receptor to maintain a constant Type Ia fiber firing rate during a predicted movements.


Mechanical Stimuli

Motor Velocity
Forces a motor to rotate at a set velocity for a specified amount of time.
Applies forces and torques to a body part.
Enables or disables a part that can be enabled.
Position Clamp
Uses a PID controller to maintain a specified rotation of a joint by applying restorative forces.


General Stimuli

Property Control
Allows you to control the property of any object in the system.